70,000 trees to take root in Scottish schools

An Edinburgh forest nursery is distributing nearly three quarters of a million trees to schools and community groups across the UK as part of a scheme to help tackle climate change.

East Lothian nursery Alba Trees, is providing a range of packs to suit different needs on behalf of the Woodland Trust on a first come first served basis to any groups that will use them to help green public spaces.

Nearly 4,000 schools and other groups will receive 718,000 saplings this month, thanks to the initiative which is funded by Sainsbury’s, People’s Postcode Lottery, Yorkshire Tea and Selfridges.

In Scotland alone, 69,855 trees are being sent out to 339 different organisations.

Woodland Trust Scotland Director Carol Evans said tree planting had never been higher on the social and political agenda, amid increasing public awareness that we are in a climate crisis.

“People are waking up to the message that trees are a big part of the solution to tackling climate change,” she said.

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