Albacote B Fertiliser 1kg

Controlled Release Fertiliser for Acidic Soils
9-20-8 + 3Mg0 + 0.1B

Like the original AlbaCote, we have developed a uniquely formulated controlled-release fertiliser that is specially developed for use on acidic soils to alleviate problems including Boron deficiency.

AlbaCote ‘B’ contains ten times the Boron of the original AlbaCote.

Low Boron availability is particularly common in acidic soils and AlbaCote ‘B’ looks to counter against the deficiencies this may cause including reduced root development and environmental stress that will affect the growing tips leading to multiple leaders and dieback of the growing buds.

AlbaCote ‘B’ is safe, reliable and easy to use and is environmentally friendly.

Rate of Application: 10g per tree

Cost per Plant: 3.1p