AlbaTop - Fertiliser 10KG

Instant Top-Dress Fertiliser
13-15-13 + CaO + SO3

AlbaTop is a top-dressing mini homogenous granule with advanced technology that encourages healthy and vigorous root growth and hardy top growth.

The long-lasting nutrients produce healthy plants with good colour and is safe and easy to use at high application rates. The fine, homogenous granule allows for an even distribution.

AlbaTop utilises a proven advanced technology for best results that minimises the risk of Nitrogen being lost through natural processes and Phosphorus being locked up in the soil.

The advanced coating is a water soluble polymer technology that is unique to this product. This ‘shield’ protects Nitrogen and Phosphorus from excessive gasification and leaching, allowing the nutrients to be more readily available to the plant precisely when needed.

AlbaTop has a positive environmental impact and protects water courses from leached nitrates and phosphates.

Rate of Application: 25g per tree

Cost per Plant: 3.1p

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Sundry Accessories AlbaTop - Fertiliser 10KG each