Copper Beech

Fagus sylvatica atropurpureum

Copper Beech is a cultivar of the Common or Green Beech Tree. It is virtually identical except that the leaves are a purple-copper colour, but they do retain the glossy appearance of Green Beech leaves. Both Beech trees can grow on a wide variety of soils throughout the UK, but they will struggle on waterlogged ground. Although Beech can tolerate partial shade, the copper leaves will start to revert to green if not given enough sunlight. This can even happen if the summer is particularly 'British' and cloudy, so it is best to plant your Copper Beech tree where it will get as much sunlight as you can give it.

Given lots of space, Copper Beech trees can make a dramatic statement in medium or large gardens. The most common use of copper beech is in hedging where it can be clipped closely and looks good on its own or mixed in with green beech.

In good conditions, a Copper Beech tree can grow to 120ft (36m).