Lodgepole Pine (ALP Qual)

Pinus contorta

Lodgepole pine of Coastal Provenances is a very useful tree for upland sites as it grows on poor soils and is frost and exposure tolerant.

Much of the Lodgepole planted in Scotland is of the inland provenances (sub species latifolia) which was considered to have better form and so produce better timber.  However, it tended to be more frost tender and recently has been noted for being very susceptible to Dothistroma Needle Blight (DNB).  On FR recommendation, we therefore stock Alaskan Lodgepole pine which is considered to have far lower susceptibility to DNB.

Lodgepole is often planted in mix with Sitka where it unlocks nutrients for the Sitka on poor sites, especially where heather is present.  Lodgepole also acts as a nurse crop by providing frost protection and reducing branching.  Eventually, the Sitka will outgrow the Lodgepole and it is thus a self-thinning mixture.

It will grow to 80ft (24m).