Softwood Stake Treated

Softwood Tree Stakes

Our treated softwood tree stakes are ideal for use with Tubex shelters of all types. Insert the stakes at least 30cm into the ground and ensure that the top of the stake is below the top of the tree shelter to prevent the tree rubbing against the hard edge of the stake. Our stakes are treated to ensure that they last long enough to keep the tubex tree shelter firmly in place.

For most sites the following size of softwood tree stake is recommended, although these should be adjusted for cultivated or windy sites where larger diameter or hardwood stakes may be required to provide increased stability:

75cm Stake - 60cm Tubex Shelter

90cm Stake - 75cm Tubex Shelter

120/135cm Stake - 120cm Tubex Shelter

Product details Price by quantity (pence)
Category Common Name Species Name Height (cm) 15+ 105+ 1005+ Quantity available
Sundry Stakes Softwood Stake Treated 25mmx75cm 40 30 26 53122
25mmx90cm 33 30 28 26156
32mmx135cm 65 55 48 53813
32mmx150cm 110 95 85 1680
38mmx135cm 85 75 67 130
38mmx150cm 95 90 76 6230