Tubex Shelterguard 80-110mm

Our Shelterguard tree shelters are manufactured by Tubex to be a high-quality shelter which protects trees from browsing animals (rabbits, hare, muntjac etc). Shelterguard tree shelters are manufactured from a recycled plastic mesh with a 12mm mesh aperture and a clear polyethylene film lining.

The Shelterguard's film laminate gives the tree protection from wind and herbicide spray during the first couple of seasons whilst still allowing light to penetrate. The film will then photo-degrade leaving a mesh guard which is exactly the same as Tubex's Treeguard shelters, allowing for greater air circulation around the stem whilst still providing protection from browsing mammals. At the top of the Tubex Shelterguard is a flared, plastic protector which ensures that the growing tree does not rub against the top of the shelter. Within a few years, UV light will make this flared protector go brittle and it will degrade before it can restrict tree growth.

When installing the Tubex Shelterguard tree shelter, ensure that you push it gently into the ground a few cm, both to anchor the shelter into the ground but also to ensure voles cannot nudge it out of the way. Use a stake one size up from the size of the Tubex shelterguard and ensure that 1/3 of the stake is in the ground.


Product details Price by quantity (pence)
Category Common Name Species Name Height (cm) 15+ 105+ 1005+ Quantity available
Sundry Shelters Tubex Shelterguard 80-110mm 60cms 165 150 110 70
75cms 215 180 148 1500