Tubex Standard Shelter73-105mm

The Tubex Standard Shelter is ideal protection from mammals for most situations during the tree's most vulnerable stage. The shelter has been designed by Tubex to gradually break down after approximately 5 years, ensuring that your tree is not constricted by the tube once it is established. Tubex Shelters come with cable ties attached so that you can secure with a stake.

The Tubex Standard Shelter provides a protected environment for tree growth, retaining moisture in areas with low rainfall and creating a micro-climate in areas where the young tree would benefit from retained heat. The Standard Shelters have a laser line running the length of the shelter which aids with natural degradation so that the shelter does not constrict growth after establishment. The material also includes UV stabilizers which will break down over time, causing the shelter to become brittle and weak. This is a deliberate design so that the growing tree can easily break out of the shelter when large enough and there is just enough uv stabilizer in the Tubex products to ensure that it is functional during the establishment phase only.

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Select the following sizes:

  • 60cm - Rabbits

  • 75cm - Hares

  • 120cm - Roe and Mutjac Deer

  • 150cm - Fallow Deer. Availabile on request

  • 180cm - Red Deer. Available on request

Product details
Category Common Name Species Name Height (cm)
Sundry Shelters Tubex Standard Shelter73-105mm 60cms