Alba Trees Forest Nursery is pleased to confirm that all the plants you receive from us have been 100% grown in the UK. We are also official Tubex stockists and can provide the full Tubex range of tree tube shelters and stakes.

Please contact us for native provenance requirements. We grow a range of trees specifically for productive purposes, where the seed has been subject to a breeding program certified by the Forestry Commission or the EU. There are 4 categories:

Source Identified. Comes from general or specific locations within a single region of provenance or seed zone altitude band in which no specific superior qualities are recognised.
Selected.  Collected from stands showing superior characteristics, e.g. better form, growth rate and health.
Qualified.  Derives from the selection of superior individual trees which have not undergone any form of testing.
Tested.  Derives from the selection of individual trees or stands that have undergone evaluation for genetic quality or have been shown to be superior, in comparison to accepted standards

Prices are ex-nursery and exclusive of VAT, please call for delivery charges.

We only show stock which is available for immediate delivery and our new stock becomes available from October each year.  If you are ordering for next season, please get in touch for our forecast availability.

The minimum wholesale order is 150 plants.  For smaller orders, please see our retail website


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Product details Price by quantity (pence)
Category Common Name Species Name Height (cm) 15+ 105+ 1005+ Quantity available
Wildflower Meadowsweet Filipendula ulmaria 20-40 120 60 40 170
Wildflower Scottish Primrose Primula scotica 20-40 120 75 50 210
Wildflower Slender St John's-wort Hypericum pulchrum 20-40 120 60 40 260
Wildflower Water Avens Geum rivale 10-20 120 60 40 1,700
Wildflower Water Avens Geum rivale 20-40 120 60 40 140
Wildflower Wild Strawberry Fragaria vesca 20-40 120 60 40 30
Wildflower Wood Sage Teucrium scorodinia 20-40 120 60 45 530
Sundry Accessories Albacote Fertiliser 1.2kg each 625 550 550 8,505
Sundry Accessories Mulch Mat Pegs (Plastic) each 15 14 6 1,910
Sundry Accessories Nylon Ties 20cm/8" 10 10 7 1,000
Sundry Planting Tools Fertiliser pouch for harness each 1700 1700 1700 1
Sundry Planting Tools 3 pouch planting harness n/a 9000 9000 9000 91
Sundry Planting Tools 4 Pouch Planting Harness each 10200 10200 10200 29
Sundry Planting Tools Replacement Shoulder Straps each 1500 1500 1500 6
Sundry Planting Tools Canadian Spade Stainless Steel each 5000 5000 5000 76
Sundry Shelters Shelterguard Mesh 130-160mm 60cms 204 160 139 1,042
Sundry Shelters Tubex Shrubshelter 130-160mm 60cms 150 125 112 2,503
Sundry Shelters Tubex Shrubshelter 130-160mm 75cms 195 170 129 2,893
Sundry Shelters Treeguard Mesh(shrubs)130-160m 60cms 200 160 134 2,841
Sundry Shelters Spiral guard 38mm diam (Clear) 60cms 35 26 21 56,481

Prices are ex-nursery and exclusive of VAT, please call for delivery charges.

01620 825 058Call or email us to place your order orGet a quote