Royal Scottish Forestry Society: Field Day

20 April  


Shiellow, near Belford

NU082373 / NE70 7PQ

Joint with RFS. Invitation of John and Maggie Monaghan. Conversion to mixed age woodland, thinning systems, continuous cover, unusual species and conifer diversity.

RSVP Hugh Bence (RFS), 

1/. Meet at 10.00 for 10.30 at the entrance to Detchant wood. Shown on Map. Point A

2/. All vehicles enter wood and travel to point B where we will discuss the management of a well developed Western Hemlock understorey among mature Corsican Pine.

3/. All vehicles will move 300 yards to view (Point C) new planting of Coast redwood among Douglas fir, European fir, Cryptomera Noble fir and Grand fir. Discussion of diverse planting and prospects for future variations. Comment on problems of establishment and pests and diseases.

4/. All vehicles will go to the Cabin and prepare for lunch (Point D). A tour of the embryo arboretum and a quiz for the dendrologists will accompany lunch. Answers to quiz and a small prize for the winner.

5/. A walk from the cabin to see the progress of early and late thinnings and the development of some potentially Champion trees.

6/. Visit to the barn, (Point E) to see equipment and to discuss the progress of making the forest self sufficient. Discussion of the wide range of outlets for timber and timber products.