Cider Gum

Eucalyptus gunnii

Eucalyptus trees are very fast growing and have been trialed recently for biomass and woodfuel. There is no doubt that the Eucaluptus trees are the fastest growing genus of trees which can establish in the UK, although there is ongoing concern about frost hardiness. Eucalyptus gunii is one of the most frost and cold hardy of the genus, being able to withstand temperatures down to -15oC. However, it will not be able to withstand these temperatures for weeks on end and so is not recommended for the whole of the UK.

The wood of Eucalyptus trees has a high resin content and so emits a lots of heat when burned. If grown for biomass or woodfuel, it is normally grown on 10-15 year rotations. Cider gum coppices freely.

Eucalyptus gunii is also grown ornamentally as it establishes very quickly and can get to an established height within a few years, given a plentiful supply of water. The leaves start blue and ovoid, but become elongated with age. The bark has a very distinct peeling character. The leaves are also often used in flower arrangements.