English Oak (native)

Quercus robur (native)

The English Oak Tree, Quercus robur, thrives in rich soils but can establish in heavy soils where other broadleaved trees struggle. English Oak is also very windfirm and tolerant of exposure, which can make it very useful when trying to establish a mixed woodland. Oak is an extremely important tree throughout the UK in ecological terms, but its timber is also highly valued and even low grade oak timber makes excellent firewood.

This category of tree is grown from native seed, but if you are interested in growing for timber then you should consider using Selected English Oak which has undergone a tree breeding program.

Our cell grown trees give excellent establishment rates with much lower rates of expensive beat-ups, which is particularly important on expensive trees such as Oaks.

English Oak is also known as Pedunculate Oak due the the peduncle or stalk at the base of the acorn. In contrast, Sessile Oak has no peduncle.

Although known as a large, slow-growing tree, English Oak grows relatively quickly when young but this can bring a risk of frost damage so it is best to avoid frost pockets. It withstands cold well and can be considered hardy.

Product details
Category Common Name Species Name Height (cm)
Broadleaf English Oak (native) Quercus robur (native) 20-60