Tubex Treeguard Mesh Shelters

Tubex Treeguard mesh shelters are used for protecting trees against mammals whilst minimising visual impact on the landscape and also allowing good ventilation around the tree. Ventilation around the stemĀ is particularly important for conifers and certain broadleaves such as Beech.

12mm square holes allows ventilation.

Tubes supplied nested in groups of 5 with diameters from 80-110mm.

Moulded top lip prevents abrasion of the tree stem.

One pre-fitted tie on 60cm shelters and two on larger sizes, for attaching to a stake.

A range of heights for protection against different types of mammal: 60cm for rabbits, 75cm for hare and 120cm for roe deer.

Fully degradable and will become brittle and break within a few years, ensuring that the Tubex Treeguard Mesh Shelters do not strangle the tree.

If you are intending spraying weedkiller around the base of the tube, you might be better choosing the tubex shelterguard which has a clear film which protects the tree from spray during the first year.