Jon Alexander

ChairmanJon Alexander

Jon joined the board of Alba Trees in 2017 although his involvement with Alba dates back to 2006 when he was part of the Buccleuch team that led their share acquisition in Alba.  Jon is a chartered accountant, chartered tax adviser and corporate treasurer with over 20 years’ experience in various finance roles.  Jon is Finance Director at Buccleuch and is responsible for the financial strategy, management and oversight of all financial matters within Buccleuch’s rural and group operations.  He is a director of several Buccleuch companies including Buccleuch Woodlands (South) Ltd, which manages English forestry assets owned by Buccleuch.

Chris M Hyde

Non Executive Director

CMHChris has been an Alba shareholder since its inception. He is a London School of Economics graduate and chartered accountant and has held senior positions in finance and operations throughout his city career. More recently, Chris has completed various assignments within financial services including at a city firm focused on environmental and climate change related finance.

Jim ColchesterJim_Colchester

Non Executive Director

Jim is a professional chartered forester who has worked in the forest industry for almost 30 years. He is a director of Buccleuch Woodlands Ltd which manages the forestry assets of the Buccleuch Group, one of the largest forest owners in the UK. His extensive management experience across most aspects of forestry within the UK includes the successful creation of over a thousand hectares of new woodland. These new woodlands encompass all types from extensive native schemes to farm woodlands to large scale commercial conifers. He currently represents Confor on the Customer Representatives Group for Forestry Commission Scotland.