Craig Turner

Chief Executive

Craig joined Alba in 2019 after many years in the Garden Centre sector. He began his career running an ornamental production nursery and has spent his entire career within various areas of the horticultural industry.

Andrew Gold

Operations Manager

Andrew joined the Alba Trees in June 2020.  He has worked in the Garden Centre sector for nine years where he focused on the operational side of the business.  His focus at Alba Trees will be strengthening our systems and  key processes to support our business targets.

Sales Team

Margaret Allan

Sales Manager

Margaret has worked with us since 1997 and is from a farming background.  She heads up our Sales team and is hugely knowledgeable about the Forestry sector and is a go-to person for planting advice. She largely focuses on schemes and projects with our largest customers, plus Forestry Commission contracts. Her team work hard to deliver Alba’s reputation for excellent customer service.

Jackie Watson

Sales Executive

Jackie joined the company in 1992 and also comes from a farming background.  She works closely with the Woodland Trust to fulfil their projects and has worked with many of our key customers over many years. She handles general sales enquiries and retail orders.

Lauren Glass

E-Sales Manager

Lauren joined Alba in 2019 after changing career. She began working in the entertainment and hospitality sector, working in sales and events. She is responsible for all E-Sales activity and social media.


Ryan Allan

Grading Manager

Ryan re-joined Alba in 2016 – having previously worked for the company – and manages grading operations across both sites.  A major part of the role is acting as the link between Sales, Production and Despatch.  He ensures that plants from the correct seed lot are graded according to the customer’s specification and that grading operations are carried out efficiently and on time.  Ryan also carries out various stock control functions including monitoring for pest and disease as well as biosecurity management.

Keith Tait

Order Supervisor

Keith has a pivotal role within Alba as he has primary responsibility for Quality Control of graded plants and ensures that all orders are collated and looked after prior to dispatch, serving as the link between Grading and Despatch.  Keith has worked with Alba since 1993 and attended agricultural college where he studied horticulture.


Jason Fox

Despatch Manager

Jason joined us in 2019. He previously managed Despatch operations within the fresh produce sector – ensuring huge volumes of fruit and vegetables made it to supermarkets on time, both in Holland and Scotland. He grew up in East Lothian, and has relocated back to the local area with his family.

Alex MacFarlane

Despatch Supervisor

Many of our smaller orders have specialist packing instructions and Alec ensures these are completed correctly.  He also supervises the wholesale despatch team to ensure that there is a seamless transition between David’s grading and transport.

Scott Imrie


Scott has been with us since the early days and is the friendly face of the company when delivering trees.  He particularly enjoys going to remote places in the Highlands and Islands where he can indulge in his passion for fishing after his deliveries have been completed.

Nursery Team

Derek Stewart

Nursery Manager

Derek joined Alba in 2001 as a nursery charge-hand. He has over 20 years experience in horticulture, a significant time being spent producing genetically improved Sitka Spruce from cuttings.
In 2002 he took over as Nursery Manager and is now responsible for the day to day management of the nursery team.

David Lyall

Assistant Nursery Manager

David has been with the company for many years and was previously Grading Supervisor. David assists Derek with the day-to-day running of both the Lower Winton and Liberty Hall sites.

Jayne Greig

Head Propogator

Jayne joined Alba in 2019, having achieved a BSc in Horticulture and having spent most of her career within the sector. She has experience of both the garden centre sector and volume production Horticulture. She is responsible for sowing all seed at Alba and producing strong healthy seedlings for transplanting.

Anne White

Accounts Administrator

Anne joined Alba in 1989 as part time book-keeper. She is now accounts administrator and has been involved in the computerisation of the accounts system.
Anne is the company’s longest serving employee