AlbaCote Fertiliser

Alba offers a bespoke Fertiliser, Albacote to give trees to best possible chance of establishment.

AlbaCote (9-20-8) is a uniquely formulated controlled-release fertiliser (CRF) containing Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) as well as additional Boron + vital trace elements.

N – involved in the production of new tissue. Good levels of nitrogen in the plant over winter provide a good start in spring.

P – vital for energy transfer processes in plant tissues and important for root development.

K – essential for growth processes including photosynthesis as well as being vital for plant hardiness.

How Does AlbaCote Work?

In contrast to other CRF products, each granule of AlbaCote has a uniform composition – it is NOT made up of individual straight fertiliser components. This provides a more even nutrient release pattern.

AlbaCote consists of a strictly controlled blend of nutrients surrounded by an elastic resin coat. The rate of nutrient release is directly affected by soil temperature.

In UK forestry conditions, AlbaCote will generally provide a gradual release over a period of two growing seasons. This is considered sufficient to get young roots growing healthily and in search of naturally occurring nutrients.

AlbaCote (9-20-8)

9% Nitrogen

20% Phosphate (P2O5)

8% Potash (K2O)

Trace elements:

Boron; Copper; Iron; Manganese; Molybdenum; Zinc

Environmental Considerations

Guidelines on the application of fertiliser, produced by Scottish Environmental and Rural Services recommend that:

Fertiliser must be applied on land in such a way and at such times that the risk of pollution to the water environment is minimised.”

The use of AlbaCote CRF directly addresses this requirement by the accurate placement of nutrients and the fact that it does not leach out under excessive waterlogged conditions.

AlbaCote is supplied in 1.5kg bags, sufficient for 150 trees.