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Introducing Alba’s New Retail Site


The new site offers customers a unique gift-giving experience, turning a one time gift into a lifelong commitment to help against climate change and support the environment. With a focus on gift trees and wedding favours the new retail site has taken a contemporary approach to selling with sleek new packaging and personalised gift cards.

As a tree matures, it can consume in excess of 40lbs of carbon dioxide per year, converting that into oxygen. This is a fantastic opportunity to give a gift with a conscience.

Lauren Glass, E-Sales Manager says ‘Working on the website has been a joy. We aren’t reinventing the wheel but we do think that what we are offering is a beautiful and unique idea for a gift, something that will last longer than a keyring or custom jewellery. It’s important for us as a company to give back to the planet and planting trees is such an easy way to do that.’

You can head over to our new site here!