Early Blooms & Bud Busters

Early Blooms & Bud Busters

With March breezing in and the last of the frosts (hopefully) behind us, we can finally look forward to Spring. We can already see the signs of change here at the nursery, as our broadleaves begin to wake from their winter hiatus. Our rowan saplings are breaking bud whilst some mature trees in woodland areas nearby are starting to bloom.

There are several species that are famous for their early bloom; wild cherry, hawthorn and rowan being among the first. These early bloomers are often steeped in folklore, with hawthorn famously known as the protector of fairies. The wild cherry is said to possess mysterious qualities and symbolising good fortune and luck in highland lore. 


Close-up of tree branch with budding flowers against a clear blue sky.Young green leaf budding from a branch, with a blurred background of brown twigs and dry leaves. 

Whilst we aren’t lucky enough to see our saplings marvel in beautiful blooms while they are with us on the nursery we love to see how our trees and shrubs grow and bloom when they are planted out. Dylan, a teacher from East Lothian recently sent us a picture of his cherry plum blossom he purchased some years ago from us. Their creamy white clusters are a favourite with pollinators such as butterflies and bees.


White blossoms on a branch draped over black metal fence, with buildings and a clear sky in the background.