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Our Premium Selection of Coniferous Trees

Embark on a journey through our handpicked collection of coniferous trees, where each species showcases unique characteristics and unmatched beauty. From the resilient Scots Pine to the elegant Blue Spruce, our selection is tailored to cater to a variety of landscaping needs and aesthetic preferences. Discover the distinct qualities of each conifer and find the ideal choice to enrich your garden or green space.

Dawn Redwood

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The Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia glyptostoboides) is a remarkable tree that thrives particularly well in the UK, especially in wetter, Western regions. Known as a 'living fossil', this species is a fast-growing deciduous conifer. It boasts bright green foliage in the spring, transforming into beautiful copper-pink shades in the autumn. The Dawn Redwood is nurtured from seed at Alba Trees, ensuring each tree is handpicked and packaged with care to arrive in excellent condition. This tree's resilience and stunning seasonal color changes make it an excellent choice for diverse landscaping needs.

Douglas Fir – Robust and Majestic

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Starting from 68p ex VAT, the Douglas Fir is known for its towering height and robustness, making it an ideal choice for a statement piece in large gardens or parks.

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Why Choose Coniferous Trees for Your Landscape?

Coniferous trees are the backbone of many stunning landscapes, offering year-round beauty and a multitude of environmental benefits. These evergreens, ranging from the towering Redwoods to the dense Yews, are not only aesthetically pleasing but also crucial for creating sustainable ecosystems. Choosing conifers for your landscape means investing in a greener future while enjoying the timeless charm these trees bring.

The Aesthetic and Environmental Benefits of Conifers

Coniferous trees are not just visually stunning; they play a crucial role in our ecosystem. Species like the Scots Pine and the Sitka Spruce are vital for wildlife habitats and contribute significantly to environmental sustainability.

Transforming Spaces with Conifers

Incorporating conifers into your landscape means adding year-round greenery and a timeless elegance. Trees like the Blue Spruce and the Japanese Red Cedar provide texture, color, and structure to any garden setting.

Transforming Spaces with Conifers

Frequently Asked Questions About Conifer Trees

What are the best conifer trees for small gardens?

The Lawson Cypress and Juniper are excellent choices for smaller spaces, offering beauty without overwhelming the area.

How do coniferous trees benefit the environment?

Conifers like the Yew and the Noble Fir are important for carbon sequestration, biodiversity, and providing habitats for various wildlife species.

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