Little trees can be perfect for corporate promotions, combining quirkiness with environmental conscience.  Whether as individual gifts or free offerings, at Alba we can find the right solution for you.

Species Range

We can offer you our entire species range of over 120 trees, shrubs and wetland plants.  Many people like to use evergreen Norway Spruce Christmas trees because they present very well, but broadleaves such as Rowan trees are more useful for the recipient as they sit better in small gardens and establish quickly.


We have a range of packaging to suit your needs.  Some customers like to provide branded packaging and it is important to discuss dimensions with us.  We also have stocks of plastic, cotton and hessian bags for individually-wrapped trees. For bulk promotions, it can often be economical just to get trees packaged in bundles of 15, as per our wholesale orders.

Depending on order size, the trees are then placed in rigid plastic tubes, boxes or pallets for delivery.  Many customers like to provide their own packaging, which is often the best option for a fully branded feel.

Delivery Service

The nature of the promotion will dictate the best delivery pattern, but we can either send all the trees to individual addresses, or in bulk to a central depot.

The key to a successful promotion is flexibility and communication, so please get in touch even if you are at a very early stage in planning and we will be delighted to try and fulfil your wishes.