Frequently asked questions about trees, hedging and shrubs

We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about cell grown trees and the products we provide.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please email rt@albatrees.co.uk and we will answer it for you!

  • How do you plant a tree?

    1- Make a hole twice the size and one inch deeper than your root plug

    2- Place your tree in the hole

    3- Backfill the soil around the tree, holding it upright

    4- Gently firm the soil with your heel, taking care not to damage the stem

    5- Keep your plant well watered and remove any weeds that grow nearby


  • How much does delivery cost?

    All purchases from our website include free delivery as standard!

    Additional charges apply for Northern Ireland, The Highlands & Scottish Isles, The Channel Islands, Scilly Isles & Isle of Man when ordering more than 8 trees.


  • How long will my order take to arrive?

    We aim to despatch orders on the same day if the order is placed before 12pm. Any orders made in the afternoon will be despatched on the next working day.

    All our orders under 8 plants are shipped via Royal Mail tracked 48. Orders for 9 plants or more will be sent via a courier. In most cases, you will receive your order 3–5 days after you make your purchase.


  • What size are your trees?

    All our trees are anywhere from 20-50 cm tall!

  • What is the difference between our premium and standard gift trees?

    Our premium gift tree option features our best packaging, which is our Alba Trees tube. The tree also comes with a unique gift card with a personalised message inside.


    Our standard gift option will have the tree delivered in a normal box with a standard card.


  • Can I keep my tree in the packaging before I plant?

    No, you must remove the trees from packaging as soon as you can, then place them upright in a cool dry area. 

    This allows the plant to breath after being sealed in a box during transit.


  • Do I have to plant my tree as soon as it arrives?

    No, with our cell grown plants you do not need to plant immediately. 

    We advise that you keep them in a cool dry place and plant them within the first couple weeks of receiving them.

    If the plant is dormant, they require little to no care before planting. During the summer months, you must keep them watered before planting.


  • What tree should I plant to attract wildlife to my garden?

    If you want to attract more wildlife to your garden, the following trees are great options due to their fruit and flowers.


    Sweet Chestnut (Castanea sativa)

    Holly (Ilex aquifolium)

    English Oak (Quercus robur)

    Silver Birch (Betula pendula)

    Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia)

    Hazel (Corylus avellana)

    Field Maple (Acer campestre)


  • Why are cell grown trees better?

    Cell grown trees have a number of benefits when compared to bare root. Cell grown trees have much higher establishment rates and are much quicker to grow when compared to bare root trees.

    The trees themselves are also of higher quality as they are less likely to experience root spiralling or roots drying out. The roots are also more resilient to damage during transit.

    Lastly cell grown trees can be planted all year round making them more practical for gardeners and giving you more flexibility.


  • What tree should I plant if I have a small garden?

    Crab Apple (Malus Sylvestris), Rowan (Sorbus Aucuparia) and Hornbeam (Carpinus Betulus) are all great trees for planting in small gardens as they tend to take up less space and produce smaller shadows than other trees. Making them a great centrepiece for smaller gardens.


  • Why choose us?

    In terms of cell grown trees we are the UK's largest producer and between our colleagues we have well over 100 years of tree growing experience. 

    As a result you can purchase the highest quality cell grown trees direct from their source. Giving you access to the same quality of trees used by forestry professionals across the whole of the UK.


  • Which months of the year can I plant?

    The beauty of cell grown trees is that they can be planted all year round!

    However, there are exceptions. Be mindful in the dry summer months the tree will require more watering and you cannot plant if the ground is frozen.


  • What trees can I plant in clay soil?

    Clay soil is very dense when dry and when it is wet the soil becomes adhesive. This makes it difficult to plant however the soil is usually fertile and if you can provide some drainage it makes excellent soil for many types of trees including

    Crab Apple (Malus Sylvestris)

    Holly (Ilex Aquifolium)

    Most Alder species 

    Maple (Acer Campestre)

    Yew (Taxus Baccata)



  • What trees can I plant in chalk soils?

    Due to high concentration of lime chalk soils are harmful to many trees. However certain species can thrive in lime soil due to the calcium and magnesium present. The list of trees you can plant in chalk soil include 


    Field Maple (Acer Campestre)

    Norway Maple (Acer Platanoides)

    Hawthorn (Crataegus Monogyna)

    Green Beech (Fagus Sylvatica)

    Rowan (Sorbus Aucuparia)