In light of an upsurge of interest in Forestry, many farmers are now reconsidering some of their less productive areas for potential woodlands.  A lot of these woodlands are forestry on a relatively modest scale, but they can still be eligible for grant assistance and employing a professional forester will ensure the scheme is well planned and executed.  Reasons to plant a farm woodland might be:

Native Woodlands and Conservation

Our Native Woodland guide should be able to help you decide the best approach.

Riparian Planting

Planting around water courses can help manage water flow and provide benefits to the ecology of the waterway.  The roots will stabilise the banks and fish will benefit from invertebrates dropping into the water and from the dappled shade keeping weeds in check and regulating temperature. Even the leaf litter and wood will be decomposed in the water by mircro-organisms and invertebrates, providing food for fish.   Trees gained a reputation in the past for acidifying water, but this is only true of conifers: modern Riparian woodlands use species such as Willows, Alder, Ash and Hazel.

Commercial Forestry

If planted at sufficient scale, conifers or broadleaves can be grown for timber on farms.  Our Productive Forestry Guide provides more information.


Farmers can gain real financial benefit from growing their own woodfuel on otherwise unproductive land and our Woodfuel Guide details the sort of trees to consider.


It is important to properly consider species choice and positioning when planting windbreaks, as detailed in our handy guide.

Game Cover

An additional benefit of planting windbreaks and hedges can be as cover for game.  The narrow woodlands provide excellent drives, so read our Conservation Guide if you are considering multiple benefits.


Small copses were originally planted on farms to provide shade to animals during the summer and shelter during the winter.


Large scale hedging delineates fields in an ecologically conscious way and using a quality wholesale nursery such as Alba Trees is the most economical way of doing it as we are also an Official Tubex Stockist.