Packaging Methods

The Bundle

1N5C6229-560-560Our basic packaging method is the bundle.  From our growing containers, we select plants of the correct specification and then tightly wrap them in black film which retains moisture in the plug and protects the roots.  We grade a standard 15 plants per bundle, which is why all order sizes are in multiples of 15.

Small Orders

1N5C6196-560-560When sending by courier, we send our bundles in bespoke cardboard boxes.  Our stakes and canes can also be sent as packages by courier. Because the plants are laid flat within boxes and light is excluded, it is important to open the boxes upon delivery and stand the plants upright.


BoxPallet1-560-560We can also send bundles of trees by pallet courier.  The bundles are laid flat, so it is important to empty the pallet upon delivery to prevent excessive heat and vapour build-up around the trees at the bottom of the pallet.

Alba Bags

alba_bags-560-560For wholesale orders, our standard packaging method is the Alba Bag which holds 150 plants each.  We also offer a recycle-reward system and will pay you 35p for every usable bag which you return to us. If you contact us, we will try to arrange collection the next time one of our vehicles is within your vicinity.

Correx Trays

1N5C6249-560-560We also deliver wholesale orders by correx tray, which is a semi-rigid corrugated box which allows the plants to stand upright.  We offer 15p per usable tray under our recycle-reuse scheme.


crates-560-560For certain planting schemes packing within rigid, stackable crates is the best option.  Please note that the plants are laid flat so cannot be stored for long in these crates.  All crates remain the property of Alba Trees plc and we will invoice you £15 for every crate not returned.

Corporate Promotions

We have special arrangements for corporate promotions and we tailor our packaging and delivery to your needs.  Please call us to discuss how we can best meed your needs.