Eared Willow

Salix aurita

Willows inhabit damp areas across the UK and each species of willow tree has developed its own niche. Eared Willow is most commonly found at high altitude, especially in Highland Scotland, and has the best tolerance of all full-sized, native willow species to the hard conditions high up the hill. Dwarf willows grow at even higher altitudes and there can be a great deal of hybridisation between these closely related species of willow. Eared Willow is noticeably smaller than the more common Goat or Grey Willow trees, which reflects its attitudinal range. Even under favorable conditions, Eared Willow rarely grows beyond 8ft (2.5m) in height, which is also why it is often used as game cover.

Being a mountain species, Eared Willow benefits greatly from being cell-grown as it will establish much more readily with far fewer losses than if using a bare-rooted tree.

Product details Price by quantity (pence)
Category Common Name Species Name Height (cm) 15+ 105+ 1005+ Quantity available
Broadleaf Eared Willow Salix aurita 20-60 120 45 37 60000