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Alba Trees Forest Nursery

Forest Trees and Hedging Nursery

Our cell-grown tree and hedging nursery is one of the largest in Europe, growing over 10 million quality trees and hedging every year for delivery throughout the UK. We supply the productive forestry and native planting markets but are also a large supplier to the farm woodland, hedging and reedbed sectors.  A full woodland planning, management and planting service is also available. If you would like to discuss corporate promotions, please get in touch with us.

UK Grown Trees and Hedging

2013 marks our 25th Anniversary Year and we continue to strive for the best quality in everything we do.  Alba Trees was the first major forest tree and hedging nursery in the UK to declare itself entirely free of imports and we have a stringent biosecurity policy to ensure your trees and hedging plants are free of harmful pests and diseases.  Because we focus on quality, our customers enjoy the dual benefits of cell-grown trees and home-grown stock.

Nurseries Are About More Than Growing Trees

We want to make sure you get exactly what you want for your objectives and our experienced staff are happy to talk you through the options.  Jackie or Margaret can talk you through the benefits of using cell-grown trees and discuss your species choice with you, but we also have an on-line species finder if you would like to browse first.  At Alba Trees, we believe in maintaining the highest standards in quality and customer service and so we have developed a range of delivery options so that you can get our quality trees and hedging delivered from our nursery directly to you in the quickest and most cost-efficient way possible.