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The UK's largest cell grown tree nursery

About our trees

As the largest cell-grown nursery in the UK our native trees receive the best care. Alba's team has decades of experience, with our growing practices being meticulously refined to ensure the highest standard of trees are available for our customers to purchase online. As tree growers we are passionate about every component of our growing process, ensuring our consumers are delivered the highest quality trees on the market.

The foundation of your garden is made up of trees and shrubs. The trees you choose to plant and where they are planted determine the layout of your garden and here at Alba we can supply a wide range of trees online. Trees can add many benefits to your garden such as shade, fruits, attracting wildlife and adding height to your landscape. Shrubs also play their part acting as great borders and blooming beautiful flowers to make your garden more vibrant throughout the entire year.

We cater to a diverse range of trees including broadleaves, conifers, bare root trees, shrubs, reeds and UK native trees.  Our range of products are ideal for tree gifts, trees for your garden, and a wealth of planting accessories including trusted brands such as BushPro and Tubex.

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What are cell grown trees?

Cell grown trees are grown in deep trays or sometimes in compost plugs. This has a number of benefits for the trees including 

  1. Reducing root spiralling
  2. Higher establishment rates
  3. Can be planted all year round
  4. Reduces damage to roots during transit
  5. Reduces the likelihood of roots drying out
  6. Often quicker to grow compared to bare root trees

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Why buy trees online from a tree nursery?

If you're considering buying trees online, there's no better place to start than with a reputable tree nursery such as Alba. 

When it comes to purchasing trees, tree nurseries stand out as the best choice for several compelling reasons. Firstly, tree nurseries are specialists in cultivating and nurturing trees, ensuring they are healthy, robust, and well-suited to thrive in various environments. Growing trees properly is a complex process that requires individuals with specialised skill sets and experience. Here at Alba we have been growing trees since 1998 and many of our staff have decades of experience under their belts. We are a trusted supplier of the UK's largest forestry management companies,s including Forest Direct LTD, Treestory and Greenbeard Forestry. As the UK's leading nursery, we ensure our quality of trees and customer service is shared by all of our clients both big and small.

Our expertise translates into high-quality trees that are more likely to establish themselves successfully in your garden. We also offer a diverse selection of species, and varieties, providing you with ample options to find the perfect trees for your specific needs and preferences. Additionally, buying from a tree nursery allows you to benefit from the guidance and knowledge of experienced professionals who can offer personalised advice on selecting, planting, and caring for your trees. By choosing a reputable tree nursery, you're not just buying trees – you're investing in the long-term beauty, health, and sustainability of your outdoor space.