1N5C5909-560-560Alba Trees nursery lies in the prime agricultural lands of East Lothian near Edinburgh, enjoying the highest number of sunshine hours in Scotland which promotes excellent plant growth. But our northerly location also exposes our plants to traditional, Scottish winters which helps make them famously hardy and perfect for woodland planting throughout the UK.  We have two nursery sites covering a total of 13 hectares, producing over 10 million trees a year and our core ethos is a focus on quality, so we only  grow cell-grown plants and do not import at all. Please have a look around our nursery and meet our staff. If you would like to arrange a visit to our nursery to discuss your wholesale requirements, please get in touch.

1N5C6132-280-172Being a forest nursery, we work with global seed suppliers to source the very best seed for commercial forestry, providing a wide range of species of superior genetic characteristics.  We are also grow native trees and have a network of seed collectors across the UK to ensure we can satisfy most customers’ needs. Traceability of seed and stock is crucial to our systems and we have developed a bespoke tracking system to ensure our customers know exactly what they are getting.

1N5C5596-560-560In 2006, our reputation as a quality nursery led to Buccleuch investing in our company and they are now the major shareholder.  As owner of over 10,000 ha of diverse woodlands, Buccleuch recognised the synergies that could be realised by bringing together their woodland department and the UK’s leading cell-grown nursery.  We now work very closely with Buccleuch Woodlands, sharing experience and ideas which gives us intimate knowledge of a foresters’ requirements and allows us to tailor our products and services to the market.  This close working relationship has led us to develop many of our production techniques and we continue to learn and adapt together.

Our smaller scale customers are very important to us and we grow hedging, shrubs, wetland plants and wildflowers for them.  We have become heavily involved in conservation planting and reed beds and are delighted to be involved in this ecologically important work  We are also official Tubex stockists and supply the full range of the market-leading tree tubes, spirals and stakes.