Woodland Conservation Organisations

Woodland Conservation Organisations

Preserving UK woodland is one of Alba Tree's key goals. We have compiled a list of organisations who strive to safeguard and maintain UK woodland through varies different strategies including rewilding, forestry management, political awareness, sustainable timber management, wildlife management and more! 


The Future Trees Trust

An organisation founded back in 1991 out of Oxford university, they are dedicated to promoting resilient, healthy and productive forests and woodlands by creating genetically diverse breeding populations of tree species. Future Trees Trust aim to increase diversity and resilience to pests, diseases, and climate change. By creating productive forests and woods in the UK the trust can lock up carbon for decades and lessen the effects of climate change by using the wood they generate to create net zero carbon structures.


Scottish Forestry

Scottish Forestry is the government agency responsible for all forestry policy and regulations. Scotland's woodlands are a vital resource for the country and plays a crucial role in sustainable land use as well as rural development.



Confor aim to grow wood-using businesses and sustainable forestry through several means including political action, supporting local organisations and general promotion of the forestry industry.


Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust

An organisation local to Alba, the trust aims to reconnect residents with their local woodlands, forests and green spaces. Encouraging people to value them. They run a number of initiatives to encourage tree planting including Treetime, a project Alba supplies.


The Woodland Trust

As the UK's largest forestry conservation charity, the Woodland Trust is a key component in the UK's effort to maintain forests, reduce carbon and ultimately fight climate change.


Royal Scottish Forestry Society

The society has a detailed and rich history, being founded in 1854 with its main focus being the practical education of all stakeholders relating to forests, from locals to owners of the land.


Small Woods Association

Britain’s leading organisation for all those with the well-being of our small woodlands at heart. They aim to enable more sustainable woodland management by supporting networks of woodland owners and managers with their knowledge and advice.


Woodland Heritage

A group of traditional cabinetmakers created Woodland Heritage with the goal of enhancing UK tree cultivation, maintenance, and harvesting practices. Many people worry about our wooded ecosystem. Woodland Heritage unites furniture stores, lumber merchants, tree growers, and colleges to work together to maintain our woodland. Only when properly and consistently managed can woodlands produce high-quality timber while offering a habitat that supports animals. Through project funding, scholarships, research, teaching, woodland to workshop and field weekends, Woodland Heritage aims to raise awareness and support for preserving woodlands.


Forestry Commission

The Forestry Commission of Great Britain is the government department responsible for the protection and expansion of Britain’s forests and woodlands.


The National Trust

The Trust was established to serve as the country's protector in the acquisition and preservation of structures, the countryside, and the shoreline that are under threat.