Common Alder

Alnus glutinosa

Common Alder thrives in moist to wet ground and is a common inhabitant of riverbanks, low lying areas or upland areas with high rainfall. Alder leaves are slow to decay if they fall into water and as such the trees should not be planted too close to riverbanks.

Nodules on roots which contain bacteria that 'fix' nitrogen make it a valuable species for enriching poor ground. The timber is not valued highly, although Alder wood does have an attractive red tinge when freshly cut.

Alder trees grow to around 70ft (22m)

Product details Price by quantity (pence)
Category Common Name Species Name Height (cm) 15+ 105+ 1005+ Quantity available
Broadleaf Common Alder Alnus glutinosa 20-60 120 45 35 150000