Tubex Easywrap 50mm

The Tubex easywrap hedging shelter is a twin-walled shelters designed for hedging and any other situation where lateral growth is important low down. The tube is cut with an overlap so that as the tree grows and becomes girthy enough to withstand some browsing, the easywrap expands and opens up so that branches can start to grow sidewards. They are normally supported with a cane. As a solid shelter, Tubex Easywraps are stronger than spirals and will withstand determined browsing and high winds more easily than spirals. In dry or cold areas, the Tubex Easywrap also retains moisture and heat around the tree more effectively than spirals, ensuring better survival rates.

When installing the Tubex Easywrap, insert the cane 1/3 into the ground and ensure that the top of the cane is below the top of the Tubex Easywrap. Push the Easywrap shelter gently into the ground a few cm to ensure voles do not burrow under it. We can provide Tubex Achorfixes for windy situations, but if there is a risk of the Tubex shelters blowing away, it would probably be better to opt for a Tubex Ecostart and stake.

Tubex is the UK's leading manufacturer of tree shelter products and as an Official Stockist, Alba Trees Forest Nursery is pleased to offer the full Tubex range, together with other sundries such as stakes, planting spades and fertiliser. As the UK's leading cell-grown trees, we grow all of our stock and are pleased to offer a wide range of trees, hedging, shrubs, wildflowers and wetland plants for delivery throughought the UK.


Product details Price by quantity (pence)
Category Common Name Species Name Height (cm) 15+ 105+ 1005+ Quantity available
Sundry Shelters Tubex Easywrap 50mm 60cms 65 50 20 1842