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About us

The UK’s largest producer of cell-grown trees

Alba Trees nursery is based in East Lothian near Edinburgh, well-connected to major transport routes going up to the North of Scotland, or down to England. 

The Nursery began growing in 1988, and has always specialised in Forestry trees - both for native woodland creation and timber production. The Nursery has greatly expanded since those early days and now grows 30m trees per year, across three separate growing sites. Our location allows our trees to take advantage of the highest sunshine hours in Scotland, as well as exposing them to  traditional Scottish winters - ensuring they are fully hardy and ideal for woodland planting throughout the UK.

Alba Trees is the largest cell-grown Forestry nursery in the UK. Growing trees in cells ensures that trees have a root plug which is never damaged during the lifting process and extends the potential planting season to all months of the year. Rates of establishment of cell-grown trees are typically up to 20%  better than with field grown (Bare Root) trees. 


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We specialise in growing native trees and have access to seed sources across the UK to ensure we can satisfy most customers’ needs. We grow almost all tree species native to the UK, in addition to an extensive collection of native shrubs. We also offer a selection of hedging species plus reeds for reed bed projects.

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The Benefits of Cell Grown Trees

Alba Trees is the largest cell-grown nursery in the UK.

But why are cell-grown trees important?

Growing trees in cells ensures that they have a root plug which is never damaged during the lifting process, and the uniform, compact size of cell-grown plants makes planting them easier. In addition, because there is no damage to the root systems, our plants do not need to be dormant when planted, which allows for year-round planting.

Cell-grown trees are proven to have higher establishment rates and do not 'check' on planting, so there is rapid early growth and less risk of weed competition. Resulting in happier, healthier trees!

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Our Biosecurity

At Alba, we take our biosecurity responsibilities seriously, so not only do our trees never leave the UK during any part of their growing cycle, they never come into contact with any trees which have done.

This eliminates the risk of cross-contamination from imported plants. This is what it means to have our 100% UK-Grown nursery guarantee. We further protect our nursery with a purpose-built biosecurity wash-down to prevent ingress of disease. Alongside our rigorous on-site security practices. 

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