Foraging in Late Summer, Early Autumn

Foraging in Late Summer, Early Autumn

If the recent lockdown has taught us anything it’s that we don’t need nearly as much as we are used to having. Although going out for dinner and drinks at the weekend are still a welcomed treat, more and more of us connected with nature over the lockdown months and if you are anything like us, enjoyed the local woodland walks full of fruit and nut trees. Foraging for food is also a great way to save on money, before you do however we’ve pulled together a code of conduct for foraging within public woodlands: 

  1. Only pick from areas with a plentiful supply. The fruit and berries are often grown specifically for wildlife so make sure you leave plenty for the birds and insects.
  2. Always get the landowners permission before taking from trees, the species may be protected or the fruit grown for seed.
  3. Make sure you don’t strip the whole tree, as well as wildlife there may also be other foragers wanting to reap the benefits of wild foraging.


What’s for picking?

Crab apples, Blackthorn Berries (sloe), Rowan, Hawthorn, Elderberrys and Hazel are all great species to forage.

These native trees and shrubs grow well in both urban and countryside areas.

Rowan and Crab Apples are small deciduous trees that grow well in urban green spaces and are perfect for a small- medium sized back garden. Cooking with Crab Apple will get you some delicious apple crumble/ pie and rowan berries can be turned into jelly (that goes great meat like lamb and venison).

Blackthorn and Hawthorn are often used as hedging plants and can be seen along the edges of fields and public walkways, a perfect excuse to grab a bucket and take the kids on a walk. Hawthorn berries can be made into a jelly too, making it a great accompaniment to cheese (and wine – if you are over 18!). Blackthorn & Elder Berries make wonderful liquors, both go very well with gin. 

The Hazel tree you will find in local woodlands but you may be lucky to get a handful as they are the squirrels favourite. If you are lucky enough to get some you can make a whole host of tasty treats, our favourite is a chocolate hazelnut spread. 



You can learn more about our recipes in our previous blog here 

Happy foraging!!!