Mother’s Day – Gift Guide

Mother’s Day – Gift Guide

Unique Gift Ideas for Mum

Why not treat your Mum to something different this year?

Bouquets of flowers are lovely, but only last a week. Our native trees are a lasting gift for you and your Mum to treasure for years to come. We have carefully selected a range of garden trees which represent strength, love, wisdom and protection and which can all be gifted in beautiful packages as perfect Mother’s Day gifts.

1. The Tree of Strength 

For thousands of years the oak tree has been a symbol of strength. A slow growing deciduous broadleaf, this tree is best suited in a larger garden. With an average height of 20 metres and a lifespan of 150—250 years this tree is a perfect symbol to be passed down to generations.


2. Jams, Jellies & Preserves Mix

This selection of trees and shrubs is a great starting kit for jam and preserve making. With hawthorn and elder to make sweet dark jams and rowan and crab apple to make delicious jellies and preserves. A few short seasons of nurturing and fruit will start to produce. These trees and shrubs can be kept relatively small if pruned & trained, making them a manageable task for even the lowest maintenance gardeners.


3. The Botanicals Mix

We all deserve a little tipple now and then, right!? If your mum is a gin lover then this pack is the perfect gift! Inside you will get 2 juniper plants, a blackthorn, for making sloe gin and an elder shrub – to make elderberry gin. This winning combination will have your mum making her very own moonshine in no time!


4. The Tree of Protection

Tall and slender – known as The Lady of the Woods the Silver Birch is a graceful, elegant tree. With white papery bark and droopy shimmery leaves this sacred tree is known for its protective powers and the ability to ward of evil spirits. 


5. The Tree of Love 

With puffs of delicate pink, white blossoms, and apples for making warming pies in the autumn it’s no wonder why the crab apple tree is the Tree of Love. A perfect tree for a small garden, compact in height and spread. A great pollinator and often showing bloom as young as 2 or 3 year-old, this tree is great if you want to see the fruits of your label quick!


6. Save the Bees Mix

Is your mum crazy about bees because we sure are. This specially designed mix of super pollinators will have all the bees a buzzing. Each tree produces beautiful flowers in Spring, which attract the bees and in turn pollinate and help produce fruit for birds and other small mammals in the autumn and winter months.


7. The Tree of Wisdom

How does the saying go… ‘Mothers know best!’

The hazel is a small tree, perfect for a modest garden and a firm favourite with wildlife. Steeped in mythology and lore, nuts of a hazel tree are said to invoke wisdom. With a height of 12m when mature and a lifespan on 50-80 years this carbon catcher is a wonderful addition to any garden.