‘The Survivor Tree’ wins Tree of the Year

‘The Survivor Tree’ wins Tree of the Year

Nestled in the Carrifran Valley stood a symbol of hope. At the turn of the milenia, Borders Forests Trust embarked on one of their first natural regeneration projects achieved in the Carrifran Valley. Their campaign, based on the slogan “Where one tree survives, a million trees will grow,” a lone rowan stood clinging to a stream bank in the valley.

Today the survivor tree is surrounded by a little forest of its children, no longer lonely. A symbol of the 20-year journey to revive the wild heart of Southern Scotland.

In addition to its children, the survivor now has over half a million other native Scottish trees for company, some of which Alba proudly supplied.

You can find out more about The Carrifan Wildwood buy purchasing the book here.


Thousands voted in The Woodland Trust’s Tree of the Year contest to help crown Scotland, England and Wales’ winners!