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Silver Birch Premium Gift Tree Thumbnail
Silver Birch Premium Gift Tree Thumbnail
Silver Birch Premium Gift Tree Thumbnail
Silver Birch Premium Gift Tree Thumbnail

Silver Birch Premium Gift Tree

Premium Gift Option: Your tree will be delivered via Royal Mail Tracked 48 in our beautiful gift tube and presented with one of our elegant gift cards with your personalised message inside

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  • Product Description

    The Silver Birch symbolises new beginnings and protection.

    Believed to possess mythological powers, people would hang boughs of Silver Birch on their door to ward off evil spirits on May Day.

    The birch tree is also associated with beginnings in Celtic mythology, where it represents purity and rejuvenation. The first tree in the Celtic tree alphabet, Ogham, is birch, or beithe. It was observed at Samhain's holiday, which is British Halloween today. The Celtic year began on Samhain, a time when people valued purification and utilised bundles of birch twigs to ward off the spirits of the previous year. Eventually, this would develop into the local parishes' "beating the bounds" rituals. 

    The birch besom, or broom, is still used by gardeners to "purify" their spaces. Additionally, besoms were traditionally the broomsticks used by witches. They employed these in their shamanic trips, sometimes following the application of fly agaric mushroom extracts from birchwoods.


    There are also significant fertility associations between the birch and Beltane ceremonies. This was the Celtic year's second summer half, which is today observed as May Day. In Scotland, birch and oak were used to make Beltane fires, and birch trees were frequently utilised as living maypoles. Birch trees are among the earliest to blossom, thus it makes sense that they would be chosen as a springtime symbol.

    Birch trees are closely associated with fertility and love gods, such as the northern European goddesses Freya and Frigga. The Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring, Eostre, is where the term Easter comes from. Between Beltane and the spring equinox, she was honoured in and around the birch tree. Venus, the planet and goddess, controls over birch, so says the mediaeval herbalist Culpeper. A barren cow herded with a birch stick was said to become fruitful in Highland mythology, while a pregnant cow was said to bear a healthy calf.

  • Our Commitment

    Our trees are planted, grown and cared for on site. This means, once the seeds are delivered to us we plant them, establish them in our polytunnels and then harden them off. The trees you are delivered have been with us since seed and we look after them until the moment they leave.

    Every tree is handpicked and packaged with the utmost care and attention to ensure your trees are delivered fighting fit to help against climate change. 

    For more information, please visit the About Us page

  • Deliveries

    All postage and packaging charges for products delivered to the Mainland UK are included within the price. Additional charges apply for Northern Ireland, The Highlands & Scottish Isles, The Channel Islands, Scilly Isles & Isle of Man when ordering more than 8 trees.

    As a guide, orders for 8 plants or more will be sent via a courier, 8 plants or fewer will be sent by Royal Mail.

    For more information, please visit the Delivery page

  • Refunds

    Your happiness is our business and that is why we individually check every single tree that we send out. If you have a concern about your tree, please get in touch with us within 7 days so that we can diagnose the issue. Very rarely, we might ask you to send the tree back to us in secure packaging to help us identify the issue but often we can identify the issue with photographs.

    For more information, please visit the Refunds page

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