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Premium Tree Gifts

Premium Tree Gifts

Send a sustainable tree gift directly from our nursery. Our trees are of the highest quality – grown from native seed, established in polytunnels and then hardened off in the East Lothian countryside for the best possible start to life.

We grow the strongest cell grown trees in the UK and all our premium gift trees are chosen from our best stock. Each premium gift tree arrives in our beautiful packaging alongside a personalised card

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Giving gifts doesn't have to be difficult. Get some sustainable inspiration from our selection of premium tree gifts and have one delivered to a loved one on a special day. No matter the occasion—birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, or memorials—our tree gifts are grown by leading horticulture professionals

Giving a tree as a gift is a beautiful and far longer-lasting alternative to the standard flowers or chocolates. We believe there is something for everyone because we have a wide variety of gift trees to pick from.

Our most popular gift tree is The Silver Birch “ The Tree of Protection” This connection dates back to a time before written language existed, when the Celtic goddess Brigid was connected to the revered Silver Birch. The tree was traditionally used to light fires and fashion May poles in honour of Beltane, the festival of fresh starts. In order to guarantee wholesome and copious crops, the celebration featured dances that were all performed around Birch's maypole. 

Furthermore, the Silver Birch has a strong defensive energy, particularly on Midsummer's Eve when boughs were draped over doors in an auspicious and protective manner. On May Day, trees in Herefordshire were frequently adorned with red and white rags and placed against stable doors as a protection against evil.

Trees are ideal gifts as they make thoughtful presents all year long. Everybody has room in their garden, no matter how big or tiny, for a new tree or shrub. Sending a tree as a gift is not only a beautiful way of celebrating a happy occasion but also a way to express your condolences to a loved one who has passed or other hardships that life flings at us all!

Our tree gifts are hand-selected and wrapped on the day of shipping, and they always arrive gift-wrapped. To guarantee that only the best quality trees are delivered to the recipients, each one is meticulously assessed by our industry leading grading team, ensuring you get the best tree possible as provided by the UK’s leading cell grown nursery.

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