Albacote Tree Fertiliser 15:25:6+te

Albacote Fertiliser is the only controlled release tree fertiliser specifically developed and tested for UK Forestry.  It is a blend of NPK suitable for all types of tree and sites which will release slowly ensuring excellent establishment and growth. Albacote is the premier controlled release fertiliser in the UK and has an established reputation for excellent performance.

Albacote tree fertiliser is applied at the time of planting under the roots. This means that the tree gets the full advantage of the fertiliser and you are not feeding the weeds. As one operation of both planting and fertilising, using Albacote is convenient and cost effective.

Albacote tree fertiliser is delivered in 1.2kg bags which at 10g per tree is enough for 120 trees. The NPK mix is held within granules, which keeps the costs much lower than fertiliser tablets and easier to move in bulk.

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